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Comfort Galway Driving School is the first and only driving school in Galway city and county to offer Automatic Driver Tuition in the West of Ireland. We think simply different because everybody is not the same, you could be extremely a nervous person, person with disabilities ( Disabled physically Stroke or brain injuries - mental illness, Dementia, ), you may have had bad experience with the clutch in your previous driving lesson or driving test, you may have given up driving altogether or you are unable to coordinate clutch gears which results you to go lose focus on the road. You could be young or older driver  but the situation forces you to drive right now.

Don't worry we could help you to drive a car within a day (through our accelerated driver tuition prgramme), week or month. Nothing is impossible!!
At comfort driving Galway we have transformed some people and given them a new lease of life.

Yes we can, provide vehicles specially adapted to suit people with disabilities.

 Automatic Cars were first developed in the 1940's; the popularity of the automatic gear box has risen greatly from the 50's. They have become hugely successful in the United States, Canada and other parts of the world, but in Europe the old fashioned manual transmission still reigns supreme with car customers. Having a car with an automatic transmission system means that there is no clutch pedal and there is no need to worry about gear changing as the automatic gear box does all the hard work for you.

It's an argument of preference between purchasing a car with an automatic or a manual gear box.  Something is better than nothing. Some advantages are highlighted below.

Advantages of Automatic gearbox

Automatic cars are much easier to get used to, especially if you are a new, elderly or nervous learner driver. Some people prefer them because there is no need to worry about which gear to select or the actual manual gear changing itself, the clever automatic transmission does it all for you, this is especially advantageous when driving through traffic or busy towns and cities as you don't have to worry about constantly changing gears as you would with a manual transmission.

Some Benefits:

  1. Automatic cars will never stall or let you down on moving off and hill starts.
  2. Easy to execute roundabouts and junctions in a much more confident manner.
  3. Learner drivers are allowed to learn and take their test in an automatic car which will allow you to drive an automatic transmission only.
  4. You could concentrate on the road more than your primary controls
    Stress free driving from start to finish
  5. Easy to handle in traffic and crawling situation etc.

Types of Automatic transmissions Automatic transmissions are of three types.

  1. The first type is based on a hydro transformer and planetery gear
  2. The second type has a chained mechanic variation device with planet gear, for expensive cars like Audi, but also for economical cars.
  3. The third type is special and it is equipped with double coupler and cylindrical gear provided by BMW or Mercedes.

We are specialised in all types of automatic / manual cars, trucks, buses / coaches, and motorcycles. So, don't worry "whether it is big or small, we teach you all".