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Defensive Driving

Wet weather driving

Please read the following overall comments made by the Senior Garda Driver Trainer and Rospa UK Examiner Mr. Michael Gallagher who tested our THREE TIMES GOLD AWARDED instructor Daniel for RoSPA Gold Award for many times. 

Mr. Gallagher is a perfectionist he knows his stuff well and he will not settle for less but he'll teach you what's right.

ROSPA Membership N0: 33332


This was one of the finest drives I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in on. The candidate has even improved on his gold standard of three years ago.

His application and understanding of the "System" was absolutely excellent.  All other aspects of the drive followed on from that.  All actions safe smooth and accurate, and all hazards were dealt with in a planned and systematic way.

Candidate was always in the right place on the road. Travelling at the right speed with the right gear engaged

RESULT:               GOLD

TEST DATE:         15THE DECEMBER 2008        TIME:        14:15        TO:        15:30