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Trucks and Towing

 Trailer Training Galway BE Licence at an affordable price by Comfort Driving School Galway

Did you know that drivers who passed an ordinary car test need to do an additional driving test in order to tow large trailers and gain entitlement to category B+E and all larger vehicles?

A category BE licence is a combination of drawing vehicles in category B and trailer where the MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) or the gross vehicle weight of the trailer is not greater than 3,500 kg.

Do I Need a BE Licence?
Please read “What can my vehicle tow?” on the Road Safety Authority Website for further information.

Comfort Driving School Galway provides tuition for towing a trailer. This training entitles you to obtain your full  BE license in Galway with the very basic trailer and car at a very affordable price. Once you passed your full BE license, you can legally tow a caravan, horsebox, and trailers above 750Kg.

Advise and Checks, Technical & Legal requirements For Trailers


Whether you are new to caravanning or have just moved to a larger caravan or maybe you are unsure if you can tow a caravan or you just need to get to grips with reversing, our team is ready to help you. We will offer training from on-road towing lessons to reversing.

Caravan towing lessons are structured to your individual requirements and our one-day course covers the following:

  • Safe loading of a caravan

    towing a trailer

  • Result of overloading
  • Safe Hitching and un-hitching
  • Towing and the law Stabilisers
  • Stability
  • Snaking Weights and Space Management
  • Matching
  • Nose weights Weather and road conditions
  • Reversing on the road
  • Driving procedures etc.
  • Caravan Towing courses are available at Comfort Driving School.

Caravan Towing Course options

  • 1 Day caravan course (6 hours)
  • Caravan reversing course (2 or 3 hours)
  • Group training
  • Family Deal, 2 family members for the price of 1 on our day courses.

    Training is with your own vehicle & caravan. A box trailer can be supplied if required. Please read the Road Safety Authority Website for further information.