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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions represent the basis upon which training is offered by Comfort Driving / Motorcycle School. The provision of training is subject to the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  1. You must hold a current, valid driving license, learner permit / provisional, full or international, and produce it on (or in advance of) your first training session. You must be fit to drive with regard to legal and medical requirements.
  2. Tuition fees are normally payable in advance. Payment can be made by cash or cheque. Any cheques offered for payment that are subsequently refused by the bank will be subject to an administration charge of 15.00 Euros.
  3.  Your instructor will do everything possible to ensure that your lessons start and finish on time, but reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change lesson lengths and start/finish times under certain circumstances (e.g., dangerous weather / traffic conditions). In the event of postponement fees paid in advance will be carried forward.
  4. The instructor reserves the right to cancel a lesson at short notice if it is suspected that the pupil may be unfit due to the effects of alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise) or any other condition that would cause his/her driving to be dangerous or illegal. In such circumstances the lesson fee will be payable. Pupils must advise their instructor of any medication or prescription drugs they are taking that may affect their ability to drive safely before taking any lesson booked.
  5. The instructor will check a client’s entitlement to drive the vehicle and their ability to read a number plate at the statutory distance of 20.5 metres with the use of glasses or contact lenses if appropriate for legal purposes.
  6.  The instructor will make every effort to train you to the highest standard but can in no way be held liable for any errors you commit whilst driving and unaccompanied by your instructor before, during or after a test pass.
  7. If a pupil is required to wear glasses or contact lenses whilst driving and he/she fails to wear them on a driving lesson, then the lesson will be cancelled with full charge to the pupil.
  8. The pupil will give the instructor a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel or change a lesson for no charge to occur, otherwise the lesson fee will be payable. If you fail to turn up for an appointment (Your instructor will wait at the agreed pickup point for 10 minutes only) and no cancellation notice was provided by you to the instructor before the start of the lesson then the full charge of the lesson will be payable. If any lessons paid for in advance or with vouchers are cancelled with short notice, then the full amount of a lesson will be charged.
  9. At the instructor’s discretion, any pupil who cancels lessons on three or more consecutive occasions may lose any future allocated time slots. This does not apply to any pre-arranged holiday cancellations or postponements.
  10. The instructor may refuse to carry on giving a pupil driving lessons if the instructor is not satisfied with a pupil’s conduct such as abusive language, aggressive behaviour towards the instructor and other road users or lack of commitment throughout the lessons.
  11.  All sessions will start and finish at the same location unless alternative arrangements are made in advance. The instructor will determine a location for practical lessons which ensures both the pupil’s and public safety.
  12. Training vehicles provided by the school are taxed, insured for the purposes of driving tuition, fully roadworthy and fitted with dual controls. Pupils who require tuition in their own vehicle must have adequate insurance from their motor insurer that the car is covered for lessons when being supervised by a professional instructor in return for payment; the car must also be taxed and hold a current NCT certificate where appropriate.
  13.  Your instructor cannot be held responsible for test appointments cancelled by the RSA due to sickness, staff shortages or other reasons. Such cancellations are beyond the control of your instructor and therefore the lesson fee and ‘use of car’ fee for the booked period will be charged. Your instructor will advise about claiming compensation from the RSA.
  14. If a pupil has entered for a driving test and does not keep up to date with their lessons prior to the test, or if in the opinion of the instructor the pupil is not safe to proceed with the test, the instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of the tuition vehicle for the driving test. In which case the instructor will not be liable for any loss of test fees.
  15. Lessons / Gift Vouchers are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash refund and can only be used by the pupil booked on the driving lesson.
  16. Any personal details you give us will be held and processed in accordance with our privacy policy.
  17. Your instructor agrees to abide by the conditions of the Professional Code of Conduct set by the Road Safety Authority of Ireland. In the unlikely event of complaint or dispute the guidelines of the Code of Conduct will be adhered to.
  18. These conditions do not affect any protection a student has under consumer legislation.
  19. Comfort Driving / Motorcycle School reserves the right to change this website or alter any of the terms and conditions without prior notice but will endeavour to inform pupils of any changes as soon as possible.