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Automatic Driving

comfort driving studentComfort Galway Driving School was the first driving school in Galway city and county to offer Automatic Driver Tuition in the West of Ireland. Having a car with an automatic transmission system means that there is no clutch pedal and there is no need to worry about gear changing as the automatic gearbox does all the hard work for you. It allows learners the opportunity to experience less stress and learn at a faster pace.


We can also provide vehicles specially adapted to suit people with disabilities.


 Advantages of Automatic gearbox


 Automatic cars are much easier to get used to, especially if you are a new, elderly, or nervous learner driver. Some people prefer them because there is no need to worry about which gear to select or the actual manual gear changing itself as the automatic transmission does it all for you. This is especially advantageous when driving through traffic or busy towns and cities because you don’t have to worry about constantly changing gears as you would with a manual transmission.comfort 365 automatic car


Some Benefits:

1. Automatic cars will never stall or let you down on moving off and hill starts.

2. Easy to execute roundabouts and junctions in a much more confident manner.

3. Learner drivers are allowed to learn and take their test in an automatic car which will allow you to drive an automatic transmission only.

4. You can concentrate on the road more than your primary controls

5. Stress-free driving from start to finish.

6. Easy to handle in traffic and crawling situation etc.