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Rules of the Road

Download your free copy of the Rules of the Road here

The rules of the road are for all road users, including: 

  • drivers 
  • pedestrians 
  • motorcyclists 
  • horse riders 
  • cyclists 
  • people in charge of animals, such as dog-walkers. 

The rules ask us to take personal responsibility for our use of the road, and in doing so become better, safer and more socially responsible road users. Studying the Rules of the Road is essential to passing your driver theory test and your driving test. But learning about road safety doesn’t stop once you pass your driving test – the rules are updated regularly and the more you learn, the safer driver you will be. 

View, download and buy the Rules of the Road 

The Rules of the Road is published by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and we have provided a PDF version given to us free by the RSA.

If you wish to buy a printed copy they are available to buy online at Easons.