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COMFORT driving school attaches high importance to driving as a life skill and believes that driving is a privilege, not a right. Therefore, in order to improve the safety of our roads, we believe it is vital to train drivers not only to excel in the driving test but also to practice safer driving at all times. To this end, the positive, patient approach to driving instruction practised at COMFORT driving school strongly promotes good habits that will remain with drivers for life.

Our instructors are highly qualified in practical theoretical and presentational skills to deliver instruction in advanced driving techniques for professional drivers and motorbike riders. 

Comfort365 Driving Instructors are one of the most highly trained and qualified driving instructors both in Galway and throughout Ireland.

Our clients who have taken Advanced Driving lessons include Members of law enforcement agencies, insurance Staff, Driving Instructors / Testers, Road Safety / Traffic watch officers, and Professional drivers/riders from Emergency / Defence members, ESB, Galway Metal, Hegarty Metal, Abbott Laboratories, and Pallas Foods.


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