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Advanced Training

Advanced Driver Training

ComfortDriving365 offers 3 types of advanced training – Occupational, Defensive, and Advanced.  Comfort 365 also offers online safety tips and the latest advice on Road Safety.student passing her driving test

Whether you are a professional driver or simply a motorist wishing to train to advanced driver standards, contact us today to find out how Comfort Advanced training can help you.

Some Benefits of Advanced Training

  • Safer driver for life (Safe and fuel economy driving SAFED)
  • Advanced drivers are statistically less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident than other drivers
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • By planning your approach to hazards, you will drive more smoothly, providing your passengers with a more comfortable and relaxed drive.
  • Through smoother driving, you are likely to improve your fuel economy – again financial savings.
  • Reduced strain on your vehicle, resulting in lower operating expenses.

Advance / Defensive Driving & Riding Syllabus

  • Pre-Driving check both inside and outside of the vehicle.
  • Moving off and stopping the vehicle smoothly.
  • Using proper observation skills including mirrors and hazards perception according to IPSGA systemadvanced driver training
  • Proper Judgement of speed and distance.
  • Limit point – accurate bend assessment in conjunction with Acceleration sense.
  • Cornering techniques with proper gear changing according to police drivers roadcraft book so that all movements are carried out smoothly and effectively including being able to steer the vehicle safely and effectively and stopping within the distance you can see to be clear on your own side of the road.
  • Ensuring that you are always in the proper place on the road and travelling at the right speed, with the correct gear engaged.
  • The importance of showing courtesy for other road users including pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Exercising proper restraint in adverse road and weather conditions or reduced visibility.
  • Vehicle sympathy, conflict prevention, safe progress, and passenger comfort.