Driving Safely for Life

Defensive driving is an art.  When you drive always think about what can go wrong? What cannot go wrong? What could reasonably happen?

Defensive driving is designed to heighten your awareness of everything happening around you while driving. It is important to develop these habits early and to realise that every time you get into a car there is risk involved.

To lessen your chances of being involved in a car accident,

  1. practice checking your mirrors constantly. Always be aware of what is on your right, your left, and behind you.

2. Check the road ahead. What is on the horizon, what is happening in front of the car ahead of you?

3. Learn to make eye to eye contact with drivers and pedestrians so that you know they see you.

4. Look at the front wheels of the cars parked on the side of the road. If you see a car with the wheels turned to the right, smoke from the exhaust, or the lights on, be aware that it might suddenly pull out.

5. Always remember, you may have the right away but the other driver could pull out in front of you.

It is better to arrive to arrive late than not arrive at all!! If you assess the situation constantly, you will be a safer driver for life.