When learning to drive, one of the biggest things to remember is the stopping and the braking distances of the car you are driving.

To be behind the wheel without knowing or being able to remember the distances can be extremely dangerous, not just to yourself and your passengers, but to others on the road too.

Following too closely to other cars – known as tailgating – is one of the biggest causes of road accidents and it could result in failing your driving test too.

Whether you’re new to driving or have years of experience, knowing your stopping distances is a crucial part of staying safe on the roads.

What are average stopping distances?

It’s first worth noting that a stopping distance = thinking distance + braking distance.

The following stopping distances relate to an average sized family car in normal weather conditions. However, it is also worth mentioning that a number of other factors can affect the stopping distance of a car (which are outlined in the RAC  

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